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If you are blissfully unaware of such things as Justin Bieber, autotune, sampling, homies, cribs, lmfao, sexting, tweeting, techno, glowsticks and getting your freak on then we are the band for you.

Yes, your suspicions are correct; all today’s music sounds the same. That’s why we have proudly taken a step back to the future to make all that was old new again.

If songs like Dangerzone, Push it, Joyride, Rasberry Beret, Kids in America and Jessie’s Girl bring a smile to your face and memories of all-nighters at dollar drink night. If you like big butts and you cannot lie, if you’re keen on getting jiggy with it, if your baby is a centrefold, if you long to busta move, if video killed your radio star and your life is a highway, then welcome to the revo-lution cause KICK is bringing back all that was good from the 80s and 90s, before these whiney gen Y softies took over the night clubs.