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TigerLil – Grinder Girl

Austraia’s ‘Princess of Powertool’s, Tigerlil will spark up your event with her elegant and electrifying exhibition of exceedingly dangerous and spectacular powertool manipulation. A world class artist known for her grace and daring Tigerlil presents an impressive and unforgettable spectacle. She performs and tours her unique blend of circus, sideshow, vaudeville and burlesque both nationally and internationally, performings with knives, bed’s of nails, rabbit traps and angle grinders, feathers, marionettes, hoops and cocktail shakers with equal aplomb. Trained as a dancer and rythmic gymnast, Tigerlil garnered recognition with Australia’s only internationally touring sideshow, ‘The Happy Sideshow’ (- extremists of performance, pleasure and pain),  and more recently with the ‘La La Parlour’, the global sensation that turned the burlesque world on its tush with it’s irreverent mix of comedy, cabaret, burlesque and circus theatre. She has appeared on Rove, Sideshow and toured nationally with KISS, Machine Gun Felatio, Sugartime and The Burlesque Ball and The Bohemian Ball.